Friday, 22 March 2013

'Oscar Pistorius

Here's blue teams broadcast about The Paraolympics and Oscar Pistorius!

Here's Red team's amazing broadcast about Football vs. Rugby!!

Thursday, 21 March 2013


We're the BLUE TEAM! Check out our broadcast later!


We're the RED TEAM we have reporting on Rugby vs Football and which is more popular! Come back later to see our broadcast!



This is the GREEN team and we have just finished recording our school news report about self harming. Check it out later on!!

Here is our BBC News School Reporters! Watch this space for our broadcasts ASAP!!

Miss Dunn

Monday, 25 February 2013


We are the blue team here at Harris Academy Purley and today we are reporting on the big reunion of 90's pop bands and whether or not it is that 'big' of a deal! We are also looking into Red Nose Day as it is the 25th year of red nose day, so we have been asking people about what they are doing for Red Nose Day and if they think it makes any difference!

Pop back later to see our news bulletin!

Miriam, Saeef, Yoseph and our crack team of year 12s
The Blue team
Hey Guys!

We are the green team here at Harris Academy Purley. Today we are reporting on the controversial Oscar Pistorius story and whether this has affected how we see paraolympians. Our second story is about the Pope stepping down and if its going to affect the Catholic church.

Come back later to see our news bulletin!

Grace, Yaa, Akshayaa, Nathaniel and our production team Marie Claire and Sinead
The Green Team

How's it going?

We are the red team here at Harris Academy Purley, today we are reporting on Mount Etna erupting and what would you do in that situation and Tuilagi's awesome display or sportsmanship or was it just plain stupid?

Come back later to see how we got on!

Jordane, Menelik and Dave and of course our wonderful year 12 Myah and Sabina
The Red team

This is the yellow team with a quick update, we are reporting on the horse meat scandal - does anyone care? And of course that fun, fit mum Michelle Obama and her amazing dance moves!

Check out our news bulletin later!

Lacey, Ibrahim, Mandy Lascelles and of course our amazing production team Miriam and Tomi
The Yellow Team!
Catch you later! :)

Good morning!!

Our HAPU News reporters are busy filming around the school for our BBC News School Report practice morning!

With various news stories being reported on from the controversial story of horse meat in schools and whether or not this is a big deal and the massive show of sportsmanship that Manu Tuilagi showed on Saturday's England rugby match against France.

Come back later to see our news bulletins!!

Miss Dunn